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I pretty much hear game music playing in my head 24/7

So I saw this Housepets comic, and it reminded me that I love video game music.  Another thing I love is stuff I can easily post on this blog, like fan-art and wallpapers ect.  So then I figured, why not just post some video game music I really like from time to time.

Since it’s mentioned in this very comic, I figured I’d start with Birth of the People from Actraiser.

Actraiser itself is a game that balls 100% out of control, in which you play as mutha-fukkin GOD.  You have to go around and solve people’s problems with violence, just like the “real” god.


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Words fail me

I can’t think of any way to describe this, so just take a gander at it.

Or as Barry would say:
“Take a look at this!”

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Wallpaper Two

Another wallpaper I like from Chrono Trigger.

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Raid ‘dem Tombs! -OMGLARA-

Tomb Raider 2 is the only game in the Tomb Raider series that I have played to completion.  This is due to two factors:

1. I had a players guide.

2. It allows you to save in any location an unlimited number of times.

Considering the entire franchise was built upon running and jumping and praying that Lara manages to grab ahold of a ledge, that second factor was pretty much mandatory.  In the time period that I played it, it was an alright game.  I could never imagine myself going back and playing it now though.  Except, or course, to entertain you good folks with this video.

Just so you know, if I hadn’t fallen 1000′ to my death, there is totally a T-Rex down in that pit to fight.  In the bottom of the Great Wall of China.  True story.


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Zelda: The Gathering

So I saw this article on GamesRadar, and having fond nostalgia for both The Legend of Zelda and Magic: The Gathering, I found it immensely amusing.  Thus I figured my only course of action would be to re-post (aka steal) it.

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Wallpaper One

Decided that from time to time I could post some video game wallpapers that I like.  This will probably just end up as another type of filler post, on par with the ‘Desperation’ series of fan art posts.  I find this fact irrelevant.

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