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Summon elemental power!

So here’s the openings for the two different versions of the JRPG Lunar: The Silver Star.

The first is from the original Sega CD version, and is much more intense (and cheesy).

The second is from its PlayStation remake Lunar: Silver Star Story.  It’s more mellow and relaxing.

So which do you prefer?


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Something wants me dead . . .

So this music should be instantly familiar to anyone who has watched my critically acclaimed video OMGRYU.  It’s pretty damn intense, and makes me think of all the people in the world who want me dead (those assholes!)

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Where no Yoshis dare tread.

I feel this song does a very good job of setting an ominous tone when enter one of Super Mario World’s castles of fortresses.  While all the normal level music is upbeat and friendly, this music pretty much says “There is lava and skeleton turtles and shit in here and you are going to die.”

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Desperation VII

Get it?

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You other brothers can deny

So I saw this site on Brett Elston’s twitter, and thought I should just share it with y’all.

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Been really into BlazBlue recently, but back in the day I was a fan of its precursor series Guilty Gear.  Pretty much all of it’s music would get you pumped, but this particular piece makes me want to go outside and just start punching everything.

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Wallpaper Three

Old-school but with a fancy plastic-wrapped artistic flare.

August 10, 2010 at 9:01 am 2 comments

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