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R66-Y, that is my name, but you can call me anything.

Robo from Chrono Trigger is so goddamn badass.  Not only is he a immortal killing machine, but he also spends 400 fucking years restoring an entire goddamn forest across a continent.  Such a baller deserves the only the best theme music, and luckily that’s what the developers of Chrono Trigger gave him:

If that wasn’t awesome enough for you (and if it wasn’t go straight to hell), you can also combine it with Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up to form the ultimate crossover song, as well as the anthem of our (and every future) generation.


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The Canabalt Run

Have you ever played Canabalt?  If not, you should try it out.  You’re this little dude that runs and jumps from building to building.  The End.

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That bitch will be slapped to death!

I forgot just how goddamn halarious this fake trailer for the Dragon Age: Origins DLC was (even though it came out a hundred years ago in internet time).  On the off chance you haven’t experienced it yourself, here it is IN REAL TIME!

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