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Amazing that they used to be such vandals -OMGCHIP-

When I was a young and sprightly lad, I often found myself enjoying programs that were broadcast and received via my television.  One such “block” of programing was known as the Disney Afternoon.  It contained several shows I fancied, one of which starred a familiar pair of chipmunks in a very unfamiliar setting.  It seems that somehow Chip and his cohort Dale managed to take their lifestyle of tormenting (the usually deserving) Donald Duck and focus that energy into community service.  They did this by forming their own vigilante crime-solving organization known as the Rescue Rangers.  Even though they were quite small in comparison to human civilization, this did not deter them from their lofty goal.  I found their devil-may-care attitude and re-purposing of household items to be very inspirational.  Also the theme song was amazing.

Oh and also there was an NES game based on the show.  I played it.


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May the way of the Tero lead to the Hriforce.

See this picture right here ^^?  It is from the instruction manual from The Legend of Zelda:  A Link to the Past.  And let me tell ya, that was probably the best instruction manual ever crafted by a human.  This is back from a time period when instruction manuals had some class.  Nowadays all you get is a diagram of an XBOX controller and what all the fucking buttons do.  Basically I am like an 80 year old man talking about the time before the war, because I miss that shit.

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