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You have been slain.

League of Legends is a game with a lot of potential.  I play it off and on now and again.  I can usually only endure it for so long before I just have to stop playing it for a few months.

There are so many things I like about the game, like the unique character designs and references.  The only problem is there are just way too many characters.  Riot adds a new one every 2 weeks, and it just becomes a bloated mess.  There is no way to balance this many characters.  The other problem is that the game cannot be played alone.  If you want to play the main game mode, you have to be with 4 other friends that you can talk to over Vent or Skype.  Otherwise you will get  auto assigned the biggest assholes the internet has ever bred.  Since this game is free to play, that means ever internet tough guy 13-year-old out there can just log on and grind to max level.  They will not listen to anything you have to say, and you will be called offensive terms you never thought possible.

So in conclusion, if you have never played League of Legends, don’t bother.  It really is just a garbled together mess, that I’m sure makes its creators a lot of money.


September 27, 2011 at 5:59 pm 1 comment