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Wallpaper Madness – Super Mario






Figured some more quick easy content I could post would be some wallpapers that I enjoy.  Is there a gaming subject with more wallpapers dedicated to it than Super Mario Bros.?  I guess maybe some game with tits in it . . .


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Does this Profession even still exist?


Paperboy is a game where you are a boy (or sometimes girl) who facilitates the delivery of papers.  That sounds very simple, until you take into account all the sociopaths that live in your neighborhood that want you dead.  That’s nothing, however, compared to all of the occult and supernatural entities that also want you dead.  Paperboying ain’t easy, son.

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It’s like Kung-Fu Panda, without the Panda

Kung-Fu on the NES is really old.  In fact, it was actually one of the systems launch titles, a concept which blows my mind.  As far as most people (myself included) are concerned, the only game for the NES for the first like 5 years was Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt.  Oh and I guess that Gyro game if you were a certified baller and had yourself a ROB.
Anyway, for such an old-timey basic game, I actually find it very hard.  Then again, I don’t really have the sense of nostalgia necessary to play it at any length, so that’s probably the biggest contributing factor to why I’ve never completed it, despite its short length.

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Press Button C to throw a Grenade . . . Awesome Power!

I’ve been infatuated with the Metal Slug series ever since I downloaded a NeoGeo emulator and tried it out on a whim.  I used to think Contra 3 was the pinnacle of side-scrolling shoot’em-ups, but I was completely blown away.  I am a firm believer that sprite graphics make a game timelessly beautiful, and the Metal Slug series easily backs up that claim.  The amount of work that went into every detail of the animations is breathtaking.  It’s also a blast to play, and if you add a friend in the mix, it becomes 450% better.

Luckily my good friend Noah was on hand to fight off the alien forces.  He may be a little rough around the edges, but my wisdom and his courage (combined with the ultimate power that is INFINITE CONTINUES) allow us to persevere.

Has there ever been a more awesome attack than the unstoppable Zombie Vomit Bloodstream?

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I Need a Gunstar Hero


Gunstar Heroes is widely considered one of the Sega Genesis’ top games, and also has the distinction of being exclusive to the console (and it’s hand-held counterpart.)  Due to my lack of Genesis experience growing up, I never really had a chance to play this game until more recent years.  It’s basically a very intense, kicked-up version of Contra, and also quite fun.

Just be careful who you play two player with . . .

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I have a Blog?


I just now remembered I have this blog.  Guess I’ll re-stoke the fires by posting some descriptions for videos I’ve made recently*.

*recently in this sense means since the last time I bothered to post one on here.

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